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Z-Man Grubz

Z-Man Grubz

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Australia's #1 curl tail plastic with an incredible tournament winning record.

The ZMan 2.5" GrubZ has landed over a hundred different species in Australia and established itself as both a giant killer and Australia's favourite bream tournament lure. A short stocky body makes the 2.5" GrubZ perfect for smaller hooks and the long curl tail has an irresistible action that gets the bite.

The ElaZtech construction means the GrubZ are up to 10X tougher than standard soft plastics, helping them last when the blowies and leatherjackets are on the prowl, while its super-soft and flexible, realistic feel sees the fish engulfing the whole lure when it is slowly worked away from them. The buoyancy of the ElaZtech means that even when paused, the tail floats up and sways seductively with the movement of the water, attracting fish and triggering strikes.

Not just an ideal bream plastic though, the ZMan 2.5" GrubZ has proven deadly on almost any species that swims in our rivers, lakes and estuaries, while also being that jellybean presentation you are looking for when targeting larger species.

Jighead Selection

TT HeadlockZ HD - #4, #2, #1
TT HeadlockZ Finesse - #2, #1, #1/0
TT DemonZ - #1, #1/0
TT Tournament Series HWS (Hidden Weight System) - #2, #1, #1/0
TT NedlockZ - #2, #1

Weedless Jighead Selection

TT ChinlockZ Finesse - #4, #2
TT SnakelockZ Finesse - #4, #2
TT NedlockZ EWG - #1

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