Collection: Vehicle Lighting

Welcome to our Vehicle Lighting collection, where we offer the best of both worlds with Stedi and Lightforce brands. Illuminate your path with our high-quality range of LED lighting solutions designed for your off-road vehicle. Whether you need extra light on the trails or just want to enhance the look of your ride, our collection has everything you need. Stedi and Lightforce are trusted brands in the industry, offering top-of-the-line LED lighting technology, durable construction, and easy installation. From spotlights and light bars to driving lights and work lights, we have a variety of products to meet your needs. Browse our collection today and experience the ultimate in vehicle lighting solutions with Stedi and Lightforce.

Adding lighting to your 4-wheel drive allows for your adventures to last through the day and the night. Specialised lighting fixtures can aid night driving and make your after dark journey safer. Having a great light setup can help you see the path ahead more clearly, locate and avoid animals, manoeuvre through bad weather, and reduce your driver fatigue.

Vehicle Lighting