Collection: Stedi

STEDI is a globally distributed brand that specialises in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge LED lighting products with market-leading performance. With an unwavering commitment to quality and performance, STEDI obsesses over even the most trivial details and design elements to achieve visually stunning, high-performing luminaires. Every product is mechanically and optically engineered with their know-how and tooling, with their reputation and warranty standing behind it. STEDI's lights are designed to last, with no fading, yellowing, or falling off at the first sign of corrugations. Their photometric data is lab tested, and they stand by it. Today, STEDI has a passionate and talented team of 24, and ships on average 14,000 parcels per month directly to customers. They work with 150 dealers and 270 resellers worldwide, providing enhanced customer service and logistics capacity to support future growth.