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Dual Piston Air Compressor | 300L/min | 12v | 2.5m power cord | 8m air hose

Dual Piston Air Compressor | 300L/min | 12v | 2.5m power cord | 8m air hose

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Keep this small air compressor installed in your rig and never get caught out again.  With the ability to re-inflate your tyres after a beach run or to just adjust tyre pressure on the go.  This small compressor is also able to be used with most air tools, so on the road repairs just became easier.

160L per minute high pressure output, Heavy duty 60mm alloy piston, Solid alloy chassis, pressure release safety valve, 8m high pressure hose and easy connect tyre chuck included.


  • High airflow rating of 300L/min. Dual 60mm high-speed reciprocating pistons for maximum output. 150psi. 125psi cutoff pressure switch
  • Aluminium cast cylinder heads with incorporated heat sinks
  • Inbuilt pressure switch which cuts power automatically to prevent over-pressure, plus circuit breaker and automatic thermal cut-out
  • Quick connect metal fittings and quick connect tyre chuck!
  • Connects instantly to a tyre valve with the quick-connect spring-loaded fitting, giving you a fast, accurate reading of your tyre’s pressure, plus the ability to lower tyre pressures by depressing the thumb lever.
  • 8m heavy-duty rubber hose with inline pressure gauge
  • 2.5m power cord with battery clamps
  • Rugged alloy construction designed for Australian conditions
  • Springs and rubber feet for anti-vibration and noise reduction
  • Cleanable and replaceable air filters
  • Packed well with recyclable packaging so your compressor stays protected in transport


This super powerful 300l per minute Dual Piston Air Compressor is always ready to go. All you need to do is connect it to your starter battery with the battery clips, start your car, flick the ON switch, and you're ready to go! 


Quickly and easily control the compressor, turning it on and off with the thumb lever to control the built-in pressure cut-off switch! Press the lever on the inflator and the compressor will start pumping, release the lever and it builds up pressure then stops – giving the compressor time to cool off between inflating tyres. This means you can make re-inflating your tyres even quicker, by releasing the thumb lever to stop your compressor and check the current tyre pressure level, then pressing the lever to restart the compressor instantaneously. The air tool is made from high-quality stainless steel.


The Dual Piston Air Compressor is top of the class in performance and has been tried and tested all over Australia in the harshest and most unforgiving conditions, and no matter what you throw at it, the Dual Piston Air Compressor is up to the challenge. Able to inflate 33-inch 4WD tyres in around 2 min 30 sec, which means you'll be aired up and on your way incredibly quickly!


Able to output a simply staggering 300 litres per minute up to a maximum of 125psi, the Dual Piston Air Compressor means less time waiting for your tyres to air up, and more time getting on with your adventures!


The Dual Piston Air Compressor has an aluminium alloy cylinder head that is bigger and faster, plus an upgraded chassis for increased strength and cooling. The unit is connected to the baseplate with rubber grommets and springs and then the baseplate sits on the ground with rubber feet, almost completely illuminating vibration and considerably lowering the noise. 


Powered with a 1/3 horsepower, 12 volt, oil-less, direct motor with a 65 amp inline circuit breaker for added protection. The 60mm alloy cylinders and cylinder heads have built-in cooling fins to ensure efficient operation, incredible performance, and long life. All this produces a 30psi, 300 litres per minute airflow.


Made for quality and designed for real-world four-wheel driving! In the box, you get the Dual Piston Air Compressor with thick power cables and alligator clips to connect to any 12v battery, an 8m heavy-duty rubber hose with an inline pressure gauge, plus a quick-release coupling connects the air chuck to instantly connect to your tyre valve, and valve adapters for a variety of toys, airbeds, and balls.


The Dual Piston Air Compressor features a proven electronic pressure cut-off, which means that you can turn the compressor on and off with the inflator in your hand while you’re airing up – just like at the fuel station!


This air compressor is equipped with an automatic 65A circuit breaker and a thermal cut-off switch. In the event the unit reaches an unsafe operating temperature, the automatic switch will activate cutting off all power to the unit to prevent damage. Once the temperature of the compressor returns to a safe operating level, the switch will reset itself.


  • 1 x 12v 300L/min Heavy-Duty Air Compressor with 2.5m Heavy-Duty cord
  • 8m heavy-duty nylon air hose 
  • Air inflator tool with 250 PSI easy-to-read pressure gauge
  • 3 inflation adaptors to fit all
  • Instruction manual
  • Carry bag


- Length: 365mm;
- Height: 220mm with handle down and 230mm with handle up

Weight: 9kg

Base Plate: 365mm x 150mm

Maximum Air Flow 300 L/ min

Maximum Voltage 13.8V

Maximum Amperage Draw 90A

Pressure Cut-off Switch 125psi

Air Compressor turns back on at 90psi

Maximum Operating Temperature 60°C

Minimum Operating Temperature -55°C


Instruction Manuals and Documentation - ask

CAUTION: Use with care. Do not exceed recommended pressure at any time or leave unattended while unit is running. Allow unit to cool after 15 minutes of continuous operation. When inflating balls, air mattresses and other soft inflatable material items, etc., avoid excessive pressure. (Note: Soft inflatable will not have existing pressure readings.)

WARNING: This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.


Can it connect it directly to my power circuit?

Yes, this unit can be permanently mounted and hardwired into your electrical system.

What fittings does it use to connect the air tool and can I connect other tools to it?

Yes, the compressor uses the industry standard quick-release couplings and can fit a wide range of tools. Please read the manual for each item you connect. 

How long is the cord?

The power cables are 2 metres long and the nylon air hose is 8m in length. We also sell the optional extension air hose accessory {LINK}. 

What is the maximum operating temperature?

The maximum operating temperature for the air compressor is 60°C. The air compressor features an automatic thermal cut-off switch, as well as a built-in circuit breaker, and a 125psi pressure cut-off switch to protect you and your equipment.

Can I use this to pump up my bike tyres?

Yes, the compressor comes with 3 nozzle adapters for all your inflatables. Basketballs, soccer balls, pool toys, air beds, etc. Remember to check your pressure regularly when inflating low air volume products. Do not overinflate items as this can damage them.

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