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For almost a decade, the name STEDI has stood for cutting-edge design and market-leading performance.  The ST3303-PRO is an aggregation of all things that have made Stedi the globally distributed, coveted brand born right here in Australia.

Every good story starts with CREE LEDs. So, Stedi commissioned CREE’s XPL HI emitter, which represents a +9% increase in lumen output at the same drive current over the already great (but now aging) CREE XM-L2 found in the previous model. 9% doesn’t sound like much, but the kicker is that the emitter die size drops down from 5 x 5mm to 3.5 x 3.5mm. Higher lumen density with tighter source improves the optic and emitter size relationship – Stedi have effectively increased the optic diameter by 40% without physically increasing it. The result is huge light volume and tremendous beam throw. 

Where others stop, Stedi get started. The current draw is enormous, and quite literally unlike anything else on the market. The 60 LED variant draws 36 amp at 13.6v & @ 12.5v 40 amp.  Now, you must, without any exception, use the heavy-duty, dual relay (yes dual relay!), dual fused wiring harness Stedi supply. The current is so intense, the 40 LED and 60 LED bars have two separate power cables (yes two separate power cables!) on either side of the light bar, and two separate breathers (yep two!) to deal with the enormous current draw. 

Unquestionably, ST3303 PRO sits at the pinnacle of the Stedi offerings. A pure expression of capability and design that converges with brutal performance, making the all-new ST3303 PRO unmistakably STEDI. 

The Features:

CREE® XLamp XP-L HI undomed LEDs using CREE’s breakthrough SC5 Technology™.

RFI and EMI suppression circuit. Guaranteed to not interfere with Radio or GPS Equipment.

IP68 - Submersible to 3m.

High Current Deutsch DTP-2 25A connectors.

32mm diameter parabolic reflectors.

Spread and Spot beam pattern.

4mm thick 304 stainless steel side brackets included.

Cast Alloy adjustable sliding bracket included.

Nitto Denko™ Breather with PTFE microporous membrane.

Heavy-duty Smart Plug & Play ADR compliant Wiring Harness. (Switch, Fuse, Relay and HB3 and H4 Piggyback Adaptors) include.



  • ST3303 21.5 Inch LED Light Bar.
  • Easy Fit High Beam Wiring Harness with H4 & HB3 adapters to High Beam.
  • 3 x Lower Mountings Brackets with Fasteners.
  • Nuts & Bolts (6 x M8 40mm Bolts, 6 x M8 Nuts, 6 x M6 Bolts).


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