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Immobiliser Subsidy Scheme

Immobiliser Subsidy Scheme

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Boost your vehicle's security at a lower cost with the Queensland Government's youth justice reform subsidy. 4WD Central is an approved installer of vehicle immobiliser. Get $500 towards the installation of a vehicle immobiliser.

To obtain your $500 subsidy, add these items to your cart and checkout. Note that the subsidy has been taken out of the price, so you can get a free Immobilizer fitted for $0.
Price includes fitment. 

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Trackn Keypad Engine Immobilisers KP424

Keypad immobiliser that illuminates and flashes on your vehicle’s dashboard can deter the thief from entering the vehicle.

Rhinoco Immobilizer with keypad

Enhance your vehicle's security with the IM007 Keypad Engine Immobiliser, a robust solution designed to protect against key theft. This advanced system requires the driver to enter a unique 4-digit code, immobilising the vehicle's ignition if the code is not entered correctly. With the convenience of both manual and automatic arming (which activates 15 seconds after the vehicle is turned off), the IM007 offers an additional layer of protection. The valet mode extends the arming period to 15 minutes, allowing for hassle-free vehicle lending. Featuring high-security all-black wiring installation and a compact design (Immobiliser: 71 x 57 x 32mm; Keypad: 70 x 20 x 13mm), the IM007 is backed by a one-year warranty. Trust the IM007 to provide reliable security and peace of mind for your vehicle.

Ghost CAN bus immobiliser

Introducing the Ghost II by Dynamco, the world's first aftermarket CAN bus Anti-Theft device, offering unparalleled protection for your vehicle. Unlike traditional systems, Ghost II doesn't rely on visible PIN pads or remotes; it uses a unique personalized sequence with existing buttons in your vehicle, allowing for 4 to 26 possible combinations. This state-of-the-art immobiliser safeguards your car from key theft, key-cloning, and hacking. Even if a thief has your key, they won't be able to start your car! With features like immobilisation by communicating with the ECU, undetectable diagnostics, and a unique user-changeable PIN code, Ghost II provides a stealth security solution that cannot be bypassed using standard theft methods. Protect your investment with the cutting-edge technology of Ghost II, and drive with confidence knowing your vehicle is secure.

Cyclops Pin Pad immobiliser

Secure your vehicle with the P275/PIN CYCLOPS Wireless PIN PAD / Remote Immobiliser by Dynamco, a cutting-edge solution designed to protect against key theft. This Australian Standard approved immobiliser features a wireless PIN PAD with a code disarm function, ensuring that even if a thief has your keys, your vehicle won't start. With two circuits of automatic engine immobilisation operated by rolling code random encrypted remote control, and the option for keyless entry and visual confirmation via the vehicle's indicators, this system offers robust security. Additional features include two wireless PIN PAD Code Hopping Remotes, automatic immobilisation after 40 seconds, emergency override, and a flashing light on the dash. Queensland Vehicle Immobiliser Subsidy Approved and compliant with Australian Standard AS4601, the P275/PIN CYCLOPS provides peace of mind and reliable protection for your vehicle.

Code Safe Keypad engine immobiliser

Introducing the CODE SAFE Keypad Engine Immobiliser, a cutting-edge vehicle security solution designed to stop car theft in its tracks. Manufactured by LC Distributors Pty. Ltd, this innovative system prevents unauthorized drivers from starting the vehicle, even if they have the keys or the original key fob. The CODE SAFE system includes a small engine cut unit that operates through an illuminated keypad connected to an engine blocker for driver identification. If the incorrect code is entered three times, the car immobilizes itself for 5 minutes, providing an added layer of security. With thousands of code combinations and compatibility with both key and key-less ignition vehicles, CODE SAFE offers peace of mind and significant financial savings on insurance premiums. Trust CODE SAFE to safeguard your vehicle and contribute to a safer community.

Product Security Features Additional Features
StarterStopper Immobilizer Engine immobiliser approved for Qld Immobiliser trial Fast install (approx. 1.5 hours), No aesthetic compromise on dashboard, Upgrades coming soon, Returnable
Rhinoco Immobilizer with keypad (IM007) 4-digit code, Immobilises vehicle ignition if code not entered correctly, Locks for 1 minute after 3 failed attempts Manual/Automatic arming (15 seconds), Valet mode (15 minutes), High security all-black wiring installation
Ghost CAN bus immobiliser (Ghost II) CAN bus Anti-Theft, PIN code via buttons, Undetectable using diagnostics, No radio frequency signals Unique user changeable PIN code, Service/Valet mode, Secure emergency code
Code Safe ? Keypad engine immobiliser Prevents unauthorized drivers, Engine blocker for driver identification, Stops vehicle theft Sophisticated aftermarket solution, Illuminated keypad
Cyclops Pin Pad immobiliser (P275/PIN CYCLOPS) Wireless PIN PAD, Two points of analogue immobilisation, Australian Standard AS4601 compliant Automatically immobilises after 40 seconds, Emergency override, Optional indicator flash

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