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Are you looking for suitable equipment for your next 4WD, camping, fishing, or hiking adventure? Learn more about our wide product range at 4WD Central.

Got something else you need? Chances are, we can help. Check out our range of seat covers, UHF, electrical equipment, mirrors, drawers, sunglasses, fridges and eskies and fridge slides.

Car Mirrors

Upgrade your car’s standard manufacturing with our range of 4WD-friendly car mirrors for better visibility and improved safety. Browse our car mirror range today, designed for everyday and 4-wheel driving.


Do you have a lack of space when packing for your trip? Upgrade your storage for your next adventure. Check out our range of accessible drawers today.


Anything can happen while on the road, but good preparation is the key to a successful journey. Check out our range of electrical equipment to prepare for your 4-wheel drive today.

Fridge Slides

Mount your fridge on your adventure gear – campervan, canopy or trailer – with our range of fridge slides today. See our product range of fridge sliders now.

Seat Covers

Keep the muck off your car seat this trip. Find out what type of seat covers are the comfiest and the most long-lasting for 4WD, and if you should go with fabric or leather. Check out our wide range of high-quality seat covers.


High-quality sunglasses can protect you against glare while driving. That means better visibility and keeping you safe on the road. Plus, keep your eyes protected from harsh North Queensland UV light. Check out our range of sunglasses designed for your next 4-wheel driving trip.

Other Accessories

Make sure you’re well-equipped for the bush. Check out our accessories for your next 4WD adventure.