Are you looking for suitable equipment for your next 4WD, camping, fishing, or hiking adventure? Learn more about our wide product range at 4WD Central.

4-wheel driving is not just about the destination, it’s about the journey. Make the ride to your destination easier by checking out our wide range of 4-wheel drive accessories and gear. From lighting to suspension upgrades to bull bars, we have you covered.

Bull Bars

At 4WD Central, we have a variety of bull bars to suit your vehicle. Our product specialists can identify the bull bar for you and can have them installed by our expert service providers alongside any other upgrades or installations you choose! Bull bars offer protection for passengers, as well as protect your vehicle from any potential incidents that may happen on or off road. They offer recovery points for your vehicle, as well as serving as a great mounting point for accessories such as lighting. They look great too!

Contact us if you would like a free quote for your bull bar installation.

Recovery Gear

Are you prepared for the unexpected when on the road? Be prepared for the worst and make sure your 4-wheel drive is equipped with the latest recovery gear in the game for a safer trip!

Roof Racks

Maximise your storage space and make room for all of your great gear by adding roof racks to your vehicle! Roof racks also help to free up space in the cab for those long-haul trips where you need extra leg room. If you’re going offroad, you need to take a lot of supplies such as food, fuel and water. Roof racks allow you the luxury of extra space for these crucial items.


Here at 4WD Central, we can perform an OEM suspension upgrade no matter the make and model of your vehicle. Improve your vehicle’s offroad performance and on-road handling whilst enhancing your ride comfort. Enjoy the added clearance that a suspension upgrade will bring, as well as better load capability for your vehicle. Utilising our suspension upgrade services will make your vehicle more capable and will make your 4-wheel drive experience more enjoyable!


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