Forestry Road

Forestry Road


Forestry Road, also known as Bluewater Range Track, is the remains of an old logging road that heads deep into Paluma Range National Park. This track becomes increasingly difficult the further in you get and is considered one of the hardest tracks in North Queensland. Experience the landscape and vegetation change as you ascend the range. Note the bushland change into the rainforest and the pale gravel change into rich red clay.

Pine Creek to BluewaterBluewater to Pine Creek Forestry Hut

This section is very straightforward. The road is a well-maintained gravel road. In the wet season, you can swim in Pine Creek and its tributaries.

Pine Creek to Bluewater Forestry Hut

The road up the range is reasonably simple but it can have some washouts, especially after a significant wet season. Along this road, you will experience views across the valleys and out to the ocean. There are also historic artefacts along the way, such as old logging signs and, of course, the Bluewater Forestry Hut. Stop off halfway up and admire the views and hoop pines.


Further in on the track are the upper reaches of Keelbottom Creek and Star River, as well as two old logging huts and a caravan about 30 km in from the Bluewater Forestry Hut.

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