Cape Cleveland

Cape Cleveland

Cocoa Creek & Cape Cleveland

Take an unforgettable journey to Cocoa Creek in the Cape Cleveland section of the park. Explore wetlands of global significance, the majestic granite outcrops of Mount Cleveland, and fascinating coastal woodlands and mangrove habitats (remember your binoculars, camera and bug repellent!). A four-wheel drive is required on the unpaved roads within the national park and access can be compromised after heavy rain. To preserve the delicate coastal environment, stick to the designated national park roads.

How to get to Cocoa Creek

Drive out along Cape Cleavland Road. Take a right to Chunda Rock or take a left to Cocoa Creek Campground and the boat ramp. 

There are numerous other tracks to explore, most of which lead to other spots on the creek bank.

The main track is easy to access and can be done with a 2WD. The dirt road is well maintained but the side tracks provide a variety of challenges.

Be aware of the tides in the location.

The is also a rough track that takes you to the huts on Launs Beach. The hardest part is the mangrove swampy section around the headlands of the western ridge.

Big Beach, Salmon Creek, and Cungulla

The Haughton River Floodplain is a beautiful and diverse area that is perfect for four-wheel driving. The floodplain offers a mix of sandy tracks, muddy trails, and some rocky outcrops, with plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration.

6 kilometres north of Cungulla township is Salmon Creek. Set up a camp near a beach along Salmon Creek's bank among the she oaks close to the Salmon Creek mouth. Here, you'll also see Black Soil Creek. Catch a beautiful sunset, try your hand at fishing, or simply stroll along Big Beach.

Drive south for 1 kilometre to Cungulla township, the Haughton River, and the sand spit out the front of the which is a great spot for catching Barra and Queenies.

How to get to Salmon Creek

The Salmon Creek camping spot is situated at the Salmon Creek mouth. The coastal township of Cungulla serves as a gateway.

Follow the directions to Cungulla for about 14 kilometres after leaving the Bruce Highway and turning into Cape Cleveland Road.

Turn left onto Frank Randell Drive at Cungulla and proceed about 700 metres to arrive at the park's entrance and Salmon Creek's boundary.

There are two easy-access tracks to Big Beach and a few more challenging tracks. The sand is so so lower your tyre pressure. At the lowest tide, the beach will be around 50 metres wide and firm. At high tides, the water rises close to the sand dunes. 

To get to Salmon Creek camping location, travel about 6 km along Big Beach.

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