Saber Offroad Recovery Kit Review

Saber Offroad Recovery Kit Review

Saber Recovery GearIf you're an off-road enthusiast, then you know the importance of having a good recovery kit. The Saber Offroad Recovery Kit is a great addition to any off-roader's toolkit. 

What's included in the Saber Offroad Recovery Kit?

There are many different types of recovery kits available on the market, but they all typically include a shovel, winch accessories, straps, and a few other recovery essentials. Some kits may also include a come-along or a Hi-Lift jack.

The Saber Offroad Recovery Kit has many different models but all models include everything you need to get yourself unstuck when you're in a bind, and it's all packed into a handy little bag. 

The 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit Contains:

  • 9m 12,500kg Kinetic Recovery Rope: 50% more stretch to reduce the shock on your vehicle
  • 2x 20,000kg SaberPro®️ Technora®️ Bound Soft Shackles: Seriously strong soft shackles are easier to use than the metal alternatives
  • 20m 9500kg Black SaberPro®️ Winch Extension Rope with Bound Eyes: When you need extra rope, you’re covered
  • 3m 15,000kg SaberPro®️ Utility Rope: The “Swiss Army Knife” of recovery gear is a winch extension, tree trunk protector, equaliser rope and non-standard recovery point
  • Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring: Replaces the need for a traditional snatch block with a lightweight alternative designed specifically for synthetic rope.
  • 18,000kg SaberPro®️ Soft Shackle with Sheath: Used for all types of vehicle, marine and agriculture recovery
    Winch damper: Should a break happen, the winch damper will absorb it and reduce the recoil to keep you safe
  • Recovery gloves: Hard-wearing and designed for support and protection
  • Recovery Gear Bag: A high-quality, Aussie-made bag keeps everything in easy reach

How to use the Saber Offroad Recovery Kit?

If you are driving in an area where there is a risk of getting stuck, it is important to have a recovery kit with you. A recovery kit is a set of tools that you can use to help get your vehicle out of a difficult situation. 

When using a four-wheel drive recovery kit, always refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Different kits have different parts and pieces, so it's important to know what each one is and how it works.

In general, the four-wheel drive recovery kit will include a winch, snatch block, tree trunk protector, kinetic energy rope, and a D-ring shackle. The winch is the central part of the kit and is used to pull the stuck vehicle out of the mud or snow. The snatch block is attached to the winch and is used to double the pulling power of the winch. The tree trunk protector is wrapped around the tree before attaching the winch, to prevent the tree from being damaged. The kinetic energy rope is used to absorb the shock of the winch when it is in use. 

Where to Buy

4WD Central is the dealer for Saber Offroad.


We've put this kit to the test and we can say with confidence that it's a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable recovery kit. We've used the Saber Offroad Recovery Kit a few times now, and it's definitely saved our bacon on more than one occasion. The straps are particularly handy, and we've used them to pull our vehicles out of some pretty tough situations. If you're serious about off-roading, then you need a serious recovery kit like the Saber Offroad Recovery Kit.

So if you're in the market for a new recovery kit, be sure to check out the Saber Offroad Recovery Kit. You won't be disappointed.

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