Hobie Outback Fishing Kayak vs the Mirage Compass Comparison

Hobie Outback Fishing Kayak vs the Mirage Compass Comparison

It can be challenging to distinguish between pedal kayaks that share many similarities, particularly when they are priced similarly. Therefore, when selecting a suitable option, it is important to carefully compare their features. In this regard, let's compare the Hobie Outback and Compass to identify their distinctions.

The Mirage Outback

The Mirage Outback is a pedal-powered fishing kayak suitable for freshwater and ocean expeditions. Its MirageDrive 180 pedal drive system with Turbo Kick-Up fins provides forward and reverse motion, and the two-piece paddle and wider Vantage CTW seat are included.

Designed to offer a stable platform for fishing, the deck features advanced EVA grip pads that enhance traction when standing. With a rudder system that improves tracking, this kayak is well-suited for open water and currents. Additionally, the rudder features Kick-Up technology that automatically raises it in shallow waters or when it encounters underwater objects.

The rudder can be operated using the deck's knobs on both sides. The kayak is constructed to allow for a quick and silent journey to the fishing location with the use of your feet. It features ample gear storage space, including a large rear tank well, a covered bow hatch, four flush-mounted rod holders, and H-Rails and H-Tracks for mounting extra accessories. Additionally, there is a rectangular center hatch that can be used to store tackle.

For a lengthy day of fishing, the Mirage Outback could provide a comfortable kayak experience.


  • Provides a stable platform
  • Features Kick-Up fins and rudder
  • Offers a standing platform
  • Has ample storage space


  • Considerably heavy
  • Can be expensive

The Mirage Compass

The Mirage Compass is a pedal kayak designed for both fishing and recreational paddling, and it's relatively lightweight for a pedal kayak. It comes with a MirageDrive GT pedal drive system, a rudder system, and a two-piece paddle.

The MirageDrive GT pedal system features Kick-Up fin technology, which can be useful in shallow or rocky areas. However, a drawback is that it only allows pedaling forwards. The rudder is designed to flip up on impact with underwater objects, and it can be steered using the control on the deck next to the seat.

The mesh fabric seat is adjustable and built for breathability and comfort, and it's mounted at an optimal height for fishing.

Regarding storage, there's a large cargo deck with bungees at the stern and a mesh-covered storage area at the bow, in addition to two flush-mounted rod holders and an 8-inch center hatch. The two H-Tracks enable you to attach your accessories.

This kayak could be a good choice for a light fishing or recreational trip. However, if you're looking for more fishing features and additional mounting points, the Outback might be a better option.


  • Lightweight
  • Kick-Up fins and rudder
  • Stable


  • Limited fishing features
  • Forward-only pedal drive

Differences between the Compass and Outback kayaks:


  • Only pedals forward
  • No padded platform for standing
  • Single control for rudder
  • Shorter hull length
  • Two H-Tracks and no H-Rails
  • 8-inch hatch and mesh-covered bow storage
  • Lighter weight at 87 pounds
  • Lower weight capacity at 400 pounds
  • Mesh seat with adjustable backrest


  • Pedals forward and backward
  • Padded platform for standing
  • Dual controls for rudder
  • Longer hull length
  • Twice as many H-Tracks and H-Rails
  • Rectangular hatch for tackle storage and bow hatch
  • Heavier weight at 103 pounds
  • Higher weight capacity at 425 pounds
  • Wider, more elevated four-way adjustable Vantage seat

Wrap Up

Both the Hobie Outback and Compass are pedal kayaks that prioritize stability for fishing. However, one key difference is that the Outback has a forward and reverse pedaling system, while the Compass is only capable of forward motion. In addition, the Outback offers a more advanced, multi-adjustable seat compared to the Compass.

Overall, the Outback provides more features and is better suited for dedicated anglers. We hope you found this comparison helpful and please share your thoughts with us.

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