Dobinson's Suspension Review

Dobinson's Suspension Review

Dobinson’s Suspension

Dobinson’s offers a range of suspension upgrades that will improve dampening performance and vehicle control when driving on tough terrains such as dirt roads, corrugation or rocky hills. It makes the overall ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

We like the adjustable 2’ lift and how it increases the overall height of your vehicle giving you more clearance. Having more clearance allows you to get to those harder-to-reach places so you are able to explore more and find hidden gems.
Also in our case, we're building a Hilux for offroad use and to have all you need for camping. That in turn increases the amount of constant weight you have in your vehicle. The stock Hilux suspension is unable to carry the constant weight we have in our vehicle, so we'll need to upgrade. Many of our mates have Dobinson’s suspension in their vehicles so we thought we would give it a go. It was in our price range and so far it has been very reliable and of good quality.

In new vehicles, fitting new suspension can affect your warranty, but Dobinson’s have a warranty with their products so it shouldn’t be much of a concern. You just need to make sure, when buying a Dobinson’s suspension upgrade, that you are buying the correct kit to suit your purpose. It's easy to get the incorrect shocks for the constant weight of your vehicle and that would result in an uncomfortable ride.

If you are handy with tools, you try fitting it yourself but personally, I would leave it up to the experts, as it can require some specialised tools and you want to make sure the fitting is done correctly. If you are taking your vehicle offroad, you want to be sure that your suspension is going to be in its best condition.

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