The CREB Track

The CREB Track

Upper Daintree Road

Drive on Upper Daintree Road until you see the CREB Track sign after leaving the Draintree settlement. You'll soon be crossing the Daintree River before coming out onto a curving, sandy road surrounded by expansive, open fields. As it travels deeper into the dense, lush rainforest, the red-clay route becomes more difficult. Don't pass up the chance to go swimming in freshwater at any of the several creek crossings along the middle section of the track.

Around halfway, the "Big Red" hill, which is steep, has a vantage point with breathtaking views. Get out of your 4WD and stretch your legs while admiring the surrounding rainforest's vistas. There is a bypass trail around this section of the track if you're unsure. This is one of the track's most difficult sections and should be approached with extreme caution.

China Camp

When you reach China Camp, which was a tin mining area in the late 1890s, you should see signs pointing to Roaring Meg Falls, arguably the CREB Track's most popular attraction. The crystal-clear water is seen here tumbling over smooth rocks. Visitors are asked to obtain a permit in advance from a representative of the Burungu Aboriginal Corporation and not to take any pictures or videos because this place is significant to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji (Buru) people. Although the top of the falls is designated as a women's site, the base of the falls has a lovely sandy cove with crystal-clear water for swimming. To gain permission, contact the Burrungu Aboriginal Corporation on 07 4098 6248 or 07 4060 3132.

The gravel road goes through the rainforest for the last 15 km or so to Wujal Wujal, where it rejoins Cape Tribulation Road. Before you finish the last 30 miles to Cooktown, celebrate your experience at the Lions Den Hotel. Campsites, cottages, and tents are available at the Lions Den Hotel. Spend the night at Cooktown as an alternative.

Optional Detours

Black Mountain Road

A couple of the drives in the area are Black Mountain Road which is a very picturesque, gravel drive through the hinterland near Kuranda. 

Lamb Range

The Mount Edith and Kauri Creek roads are very interesting little trails up onto the Lamb Range behind Cairns. 

Bloomfield Track

If the CREB Track is closed, detour down the Bloomfield Track instead. This is a wider, gravel track – but it still gets very steep in places and can be especially challenging in wet weather. About 10km south of Daintree Village, you’ll cross the Daintree River on the ferry before winding your way up through mountain ranges and down past spectacular beaches. You’ll end up on the same road at Wujal Wujal, where you can visit the falls before continuing to Cooktown.

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