Bloomfield Track

Bloomfield Track


The Bloomfield Track, a wild and stunning short road trip in Queensland, is considered one of the state's most spectacular drives and is a must-drive for both domestic and foreign 4WD enthusiasts. The route begins 40 kilometres north of the Daintree River ferry and travels just over 100 kilometres to Cooktown. It is bordered on one side by a pristine beach and on the other by an ancient rainforest. Even in the dry season, the track is susceptible to unexpected flooding, fallen branches, and potholes, so always check the conditions before leaving. However, beauty does not come without a price. By returning from Cooktown to Cairns via the interior Mulligan Highway, you can do a lap around the Bloomfield Track.

Cape Tribulation

Rainforest boardwalk

Although Captain James Cook may not have been having the best of times when his ship came aground on this reef, you'll soon discover that the laid-back atmosphere of this welcoming frontier town belies its reputation. There is a diverse range of wildlife in the 165 million-year-old Daintree Rainforest that surrounds Cape Town, including colourful cassowaries and tree kangaroos. Stop off and walk the short rainforest boardwalk.

Mt Sorrow

If you enjoy hiking and are in good shape, the Mt. Sorrow track might be a great option for you. This steep ridge trail offers stunning views of the Daintree coastline, Snapper Island, and the Great Barrier Reef. Keep in mind that this trail is challenging and requires preparation. You'll be rewarded with breathtaking views from an elevation of 680 meters.


Camping is available at Cape Tribulation, 800 metres off the Cape Tribulation Road beachside, unpowered sites.

Swimming hole at Emmagen Creek

Before you cross the road over Emmagen Creek, make sure to take the small walking route that is on the northern side of the crossing up to the swimming hole and rope swing at Emmagen Creek. At the swimming holes, make sure to swim upstream because estuarine crocodiles can be found in the brackish waters lower down the stream.

Cape Tribulation to Lions Den, Helenvale

73km 2hrs 30mins

Emmagen Creek Crossing

From here, the sealed road turns into dirt. Prepare yourself for the creek crossing at Emmagen Creek, as well as some very steep sections of track. You'll arrive at the Bloomfield River and the Wujal Wujal Aboriginal settlement about 33 kilometres in. The Walker family of Wujal Wujal offers guided tours, informs visitors about the region's significance, and teaches them which plants are utilised for traditional rituals, food, and medicine.

Wujal Wujal Falls (Bloomfield Falls)

The nearby Wujal Wujal Falls (Bloomfield Falls) is significant to the Kulu Yalanji community since they have been the area's Traditional Custodians for tens of thousands of years.

The old Lions Den Hotel & Black Mountain

The road travels through Cedar Bay National Park to the north from Wujal Wujal and is sealed. The old Lions Den Hotel in Helenvale, built from timber and iron and filled with interesting artefacts from the tin mining industry, is a great place to stop for the evening or brunch. Take a respite and learn more about the enigmatic stories and legends of the mountain at the nearby Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) National Park, where there is an impressive mountain of black granite stones piled on top of one another.


The Lions Den Hotel offers safari tents, chalets, powered and unpowered camping and caravan sites. Try a wooden cottage at the 15 km to the east located Mungumby Lodge, which is enveloped in a rainforest.

Home Rule Falls - Optional

The Lions Den Hotel offers safari tents, chalets, powered and unpowered camping and caravan sites. Try a wooden cottage at the 15 km to the east located Mungumby Lodge, which is enveloped in a jungle.

Lions Den to Cooktown

30km 30mins

The remaining 30 minutes are a simple trip to Cooktown. The Archer Point Conservation Park is nearby (Yuku Baja Muliku). Take a 20-minute beautiful drive to reach breathtaking views. For a scenic view of the rocky outcrops, take a stroll to the lighthouse. Alternatively, go down the palm-lined beach to witness soldier crabs darting here and there.

Visit the Cooktown Markets, which are held every Saturday morning from May to November in leafy parkland next to the Endeavour River, to get a flavour of local life. Pick up some of the best fresh local fruit on the Cape York Peninsula while perusing the crafts of nearby artisans. Continue walking through the park until you reach the spot where Captain James Cook's HMS Barque Endeavour was beached and being repaired. Continue walking through the park until you reach the spot where, in 1770, Captain James Cook's HMS Barque Endeavour was beached for repairs.

A Culture Connect-led educational tour of locations with ancient rock art is another must-do.

Trevathan Falls (optional)

Swim in the lovely, refreshing waterhole beneath Trevathan Falls, which is located just north of Helenvale, to cool off. Sit on one of the flat rocks and observe the world go by while keeping an eye out for species including Ulysses butterflies, blue-tongue skinks, and frill-neck lizards. Finding the falls requires taking Mount Amos Road off the Mulligan Highway and keeping an eye out for the sign.

Visit the James Cook Museum to learn about Cook's landing from an Aboriginal point of view after a leisurely long lunch (try Nature's Powerhouse in the lovely Botanic Gardens or the Driftwood Café across from Lions Park). Additionally, it provides a thorough history of this stunning, secluded, and wholly original region of the nation.

There are beaches to discover nearby, and in Cooktown, taking a sunset river tour or watching the sun set over the Endeavour River from Grassy Hill is a must-do.

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