Townsville's 4WDing Beaches

Townsville's 4WDing Beaches

Big Beach, Cungulla

Salmon Creek camping

Big Beach is something special. The boulderous mountain conglomerate of Cape Cleveland in the distance gives this beach an unique atmosphere.

The beach is fairly flat with the hightide coming all the way up to the dunes, so you must go at low tide. 

For more information, see our Cungulla and Cape Cleveland article. 

Chunda Bay and Launs Beach

The Impossible Beach

Between Salamon Creek and the next creek northwards is what we call "The Impossible Beach". 
This hidden beach is done at low tide and has a small muddy stream to cross to get there. 

Chunda Beach

Drive the muddy track to Chundra Rock. From here, there's a quadbike track through the mangroves to the beach.

Launs Beach

Drive down along Cocoa Creek and track the track northwards towards Launs Beach and the shacks. There is a small section around the headland that is a bit muddy.

Bohle River Mouth

The Bohle River is a river located in the coastal plain west of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Its headwaters rise in the Hervey Range south of Townsville, and it flows north along the coastal plain, passing east of Thuringowa and west of Townsville, before entering the Bohle River Fish Habitat Area and the Townsville Town Common Conservation Park, where it discharges into Halifax Bay near Bushland Beach. The river has several tributaries, including Middle Creek, Stony Creek, Stag Creek, the Little Bohle River, and Garner Creek. It has a catchment area of 368 square kilometers, with 26 square kilometers of estuarine wetlands. The Bohle River is popular for recreational fishing, especially for barramundi, and is also a good spot for collecting bait. It is named after Henry Mackinnon Bohle, a drover who worked for pioneer John Melton Black.

Saunders & Toolakea Beach

Saunders and Toolakea Beach are known for their beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by bushland and are relatively quiet and peaceful, making them a perfect getaway for those looking to relax and unwind. Vist Palm Tree Beach where the beach is lined with palm trees. 

Toomulla Beach

Toomulla Beach (Halifax Bay) is a great spot for beach camping, and it's possible to bring your dog along. There are also opportunities for four-wheel driving, including steep hill climbs and rocky terrain. There are also salt pans in the area.

Crystal Creek area

Also known as Insulator and Eleanor Creek beach, access to the beach is on the northern side of Crystal Creek. You'll need to cross a small stream to get to the Byabra Creek mouth.

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