Zig Zag Track

Zig Zag Track


Located near Degarra and Wujal Wujal, Zig Zag Road is a dirt road with unsealed culvert crossings. The track is subject to flooding during wet weather and requires continual maintenance.


From Cairns, drive up the Bloomfield Track to the beginning of the Zig Zag Track. The climb up the range to the start of the Zig Zag Track. The Zig Zag Track is narrow, winding with creek and river crossings and a few good climbs.

Near the 200-meter escarpment rim, the Zig-Zag track climbs sharply to a barred gate restricting vehicle entry. The 4WD track levels off and meanders through Dawnvale Station for about 7 km before arriving at the Bloomfield River and a ford. Here, a memorial honours the drowning of a teacher and his horse while he was travelling to work. 

In the wet, it would also have a few swampy areas to be crossed. During the dry season flow, the river is barely knee-deep and manageable to wade, though boulders make it difficult for any 4WD.

The campsite for the first night was alongside the upper reaches of the Bloomfield River where it crossed the track. Continue on the 4WD track to the falls.

The ends about 6 kilometres south of Bloomfield. Drive to the right and do the Coast Road (Bloomfield Track) to Cape Tribulation.

Next day back up Coast Road to Bloomfield, check out the waterfall, then do all CREB Track back to Daintree.  

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